New Book!!!

Hey Friends! Check this out! It’s the cover of my new book, the second in the Wait on God series. I am so excited about this new project–so excited that I could not wait to share this with you!

I was led to write this book for a few reasons. 1.) After I wrote Wait on God: What Every Single Woman Should Know to Receive God’s Best I was asked about the age recommendations for the book, which I’d say is 18 and up. Several people wanted to know if it would be appropriate for their teen daughters. Some even went ahead and purchased one for their teen despite the age I intended it for. Knowing that there is a focus on the dating aspect of being single I cautioned them to perhaps read along with their daughters and pull out points that would pertain to her.

2.) There is a high demand for good, sound, Christian material that teaches the importance of purity. Since writing my first book and sharing my testimony about marrying at the age of 30 as a virgin, I’ve been invited on several occasions to talk to youth groups about purity and to sharing my story. Youth leaders are always looking for new ways to engage their teens with materials that emphasize God’s principles but do it in a way that connects with them. I will tell you that there is a technology/social media theme running throughout the book (hence the trendy title) that I think teen girls will appreciate. Sometimes our teens just need to hear it from someone else anyway, right? So I’ve included a good bit of my story and the challenges I faced as a Christian teen in hopes that it will encourage and inspire a generation of young girls to wait on God.

3.) I was a teen with real teen issues: self-esteem and body image issues, friendship issues, boy crush issues, separating from the world and embracing my relationship with God issues, parent issues, etc., etc. Had someone shared the information that I’m going to share in this book with me during that time in my life, my teen years may have been more spiritually and naturally productive, making my single young adult years more productive.

Taking all of that into consideration I thought, Why not give the people what they want?! God spoke. You confirmed. I listened. So here it is, in the making. I’d love to hear what you think about the cover and the general concept of the book, so leave me a comment below and help me spread the word about what is to come in 2017. Thanks a million!

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