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Protect Your Purity 101!

 Protect Your Purity

Your purity is worth fighting for!


In this crazy, sex-driven world we live in it may not seem like it, but your purity is worth fighting for! And fight you must because you have an adversary whose sole purpose is to steal your peace, kill your joy, and destroy your testimony. Protect Your Purity 101 is a guidebook filled with spiritual and practical tactics to help you learn the art of spiritual self-defense so that you can more effectively stay the course of celibacy and abstinence. Briana G. Whitaker, with her insightful and on-point style, encourages you to…

  • have a genuine desire to please your Heavenly Father
  • acknowledge God as your ultimate aid and support
  • learn how your enemy operates
  • learn how your flesh operates
  • prevent access of tempting sexual material from entering your mind and spirit
  • submit to accountability from others

With this knowledge, you will not only be armed and dangerous to the kingdom of darkness, but also well equipped to overcome the fiery darts of sexual temptations.


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